Newbees: The hives have arrived!

After much anticipation, our hives arrived yesterday!  We ordered them pre-assembled from Poor Valley Bee Farm.  They were packed well and we didn’t have anything arrive broken.15994391_10154796481171215_1558560549615660912_o

What we ordered (all 8 frame size):

(2) A-line Lids/Covers
(2) Inner Covers
(4) Medium Hive bodies
(4) Deep Hive bodies
(2) Screened Bottom Boards with entrance reducers
(2) Mouse Guards
(6) Beetle Blaster traps for small hive beetles
Plastic Foundation
Frame holder
(4) Plastic Drone Frames/Foundation
Honey-B Healthy

Our bees won’t arrive for three more months, so we have plenty of time to get these all painted and ready for their bee residents.  We will all add additional wax to the plastic foundation.

Scott is building individual hive stands, as well as a bigger rack to place both onto.

We have bee suits, gloves, tools, a smoker, and a couple of books that we’re still going over.  I ordered Rapid Feeders from the UK to use for feeding.  I need to purchase some pollen substitute, as well.

Last week we attended a meeting with our local beekeeping association and met several area beekeepers.  We know we have a lot to learn!

The past two days, we’ve had honey bees flying into the garage to gather saw dust!  It’s been fun to watch Isabel’s reactions.  She wants to name them 🙂





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