Family Ties

We had a wonderful time traveling to California and visiting old friends and family.  We got to see my grandpa and two of his sisters, along with cousins, my step-grandma, and some very dear friends who are just like family to me.  We also got to attend the fair that I used to go to every year as a child and teen and ran into people I went to school with.  We were able to meet up with two friends who are now fostering!  One is fostering a little girl and boy and should be adopting them soon and the other has fostered many children over the past year, but they have all moved on to other homes.  It’s exciting to see how God is using people to care for His children!  Here are some photos from our journey…


I love Georgia, but I sure hate being so far from loved ones 😦  This was a precious time and I loved hearing my grandpa introduce us to people by saying “This is my granddaughter and this is my granddaughter, and this is my granddaughter, and this is my grandddaughter, and this is Scott…” LOL  (For the record, he really likes Scott!)

I don’t know when I will return, but I will treasure these memories forever!



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