Has it been 8 months already?

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow marks 8 months since I spent the day at the NICU and brought a wee baby girl home.  She has grown and is doing remarkably well for having such a rough start!  She is adored by her big sisters and was a total trooper earlier this month when we took a very short trip up to Canada.  She brings joy to everyone who meets her!


In February, our family moved from the house we were renting to a home that we purchased up in the foothills of North Georgia.  It’s a lovely area and the town we are in has that wonderful small town charm about it.  We made the difficult decision to leave our church home of the past 4 1/2 years.  Quite simply, it was taking 40+ minutes to drive there and we had to take separate cars because of Scott’s participation in the praise band.  He had to be there earlier than us on Sunday mornings and stayed very late on Wednesday evenings for practices.  We had already spent 2 1/2 years commuting 30 minutes each way and it really limited our participation.  That said, the Lord led us to a local congregation that really shares our heart of international missions and is just all around awesome.  As with any church, I’m sure we’ll see issues the longer we are there, but we love the focus and how friendly and giving the people are.  We are also impressed with the teen group and Alyssa will be going away to a week of summer camp in a different state in July!  EEK!  She is thrilled to bits and feels very comfortable in the new church – something we were a little scared of to be honest.  There are several adoptive families in the church and there are people from Colombia!  Did I mention it is FIVE MINUTES from our house?


We love our new home, as well.  We now have a screened in porch, above ground pool, huge schoolroom in the basement, guestroom, prayer closet…  It’s not on as much land as we would have liked, but we hope to be able to welcome people into our home and practice biblical hospitality!  Our basement guestroom is located just off of a den with couches and tv and has a full bath. It’s quite comfortable. We hope to be able to host missionaries that travel through the area (just as soon as I actually get the schoolroom presentable, that is…)


We were so blessed in April when a local church’s youth group came to the new house and fenced our back yard for us!  They were doing a day of service to foster families and we were honored to be selected. Three young men and their leader spent the entire day working, through thunderstorms, to complete the task!

Things here are rolling right along.  We have a big trip coming up in a couple of weeks and then we will get to attend a 15th birthday celebration for one of our very first foster placements.  So excited to get to see that sweet girl again.  She and her sister were reunified 3 years ago this past week and we have been blessed to get to remain in contact with them since then.  We hope to open back up to additional foster placements after that – and we are also inquiring on an older teen who is available for adoption (because we are all kinds of crazy, but mostly because God seems to be pulling out hearts in that direction.)  And we’re investigating buying a Ford Transit Wagon because let’s be honest – we can only fit one more child in the minivan…




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