Road Tripping – Episode 3

We always enjoy visiting with Scott’s parents and this trip we were doubly blessed because we got to see his brother and sister-in-law from B.C., as well!  James also flew in and it was nice to get to spend time together.  We visited Wheeler’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush and purchased some goodies to bring back to our Sunday School class.  It was interesting to see the miles of blue tubing used to collect maple sap from the trees and pump it into the boiler room.

One afternoon, we took Alyssa and ventured into Perth to Crossroads Tea Room.  This was a special occasion for Alyssa – we presented her with her purity ring (which she had chosen months and months ago and had no idea we had purchased!)  It was a sweet time and the food was delicious – particularly the sticky toffee pudding!

We took a quick trip into Ottawa one day and hit the market just as it was closing.  They had awesome prices on maple syrup and maple candy.  We also got these little ice cream cones that were filled with maple syrup and topped with maple candy.  They were a bit MESSY – but delicious!  I also loaded up at Bulk Barn (taking full advantage of the exchange rate!

If you ever have the chance to drive Hwy 7 between Perth and Peterborough, you won’t regret it!  The drive takes you past glacier-carved lakes covered in lilypads, numerous blueberry and pie stands, and quaint rental cottages.  We stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and found some delicious homemade butter tarts that were definitely worth the stop!

To be continued…


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