Road Tripping – Episode 2

We loaded up and made a quick stop by Tim Horton’s – where the drive-thru is not quite set up for vehicles pulling trailers.  A crisis was avoided, but we were about an inch away from having our tire jump the curb and having to call a tow truck.  Some coffee and timbits later and we headed to Hidden Valley Carefree RV Resort near Turkey Point, Ontario.  This is right above Lake Erie – but I must confess, I never actually SAW Lake Erie.  There were many trees and we were there primarily to visit family.  Will have to plan to see the lake the next time we visit!

The campground was nice.  The majority of it was filled with seasonal or full-time campers.  These folks had permanent decks and porches built onto their trailers, storage sheds, the whole nine yards.  We were up in the back in the nightly camping.  And on night one, we had the whole place to ourselves!  On nights two and three, we were joined by two or three other campers and that was it.


On day 2 there, we drove to Brantford, Ontario and picked up Scott’s brother.  We grabbed lunch at a Chinese restaurant and it was NOT good.  I will forever avoid restaurants that advertise “Chinese and Canadian Cuisine”.  We then drove to Niagara Falls.  It was a beautiful day!  We enjoyed Journey Behind the Falls – a tunnel that goes under the river and behind the falls with little hallways that allow you to look out at the water cascading over.  (I think this would be super cool to see in winter when it is frozen over!)  Scott took video from the platform at the base with the GoPro camera.  Alyssa LOVED Niagara Falls.  Isabel was not a fan of all the mist!



The next day, we headed out to visit family – leaving the awning up, stove mounted outside, and a window unzipped.  We drove past Scott’s childhood home, saw tobacco, asparagus, pumpkins and ginseng growing (along with more corn and soybeans!)  We had a wonderful time visiting Scott’s aunt & uncle and cousins.  They were so sweet to have craft supplies for the girls!  We stayed longer than we had planned, joining the family for a tasty dinner of pizza and wings.

While we were out, it began to rain.  And rain.  And rain.  By the time we returned, the awning had come completely off the trailer, the stove had gotten soaked and the press board that it was mounted to crumbled, and the canvas began to leak (this despite no leaks with 3 rainy nights already!)  We had a very uncomfortable, wet night that night!  Saturday morning, we had a temporary break in the rain that allowed us to get the trailer put away and we headed to Scott’s parents’ home, near Perth, Ontario.

To be continued…


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