Road Tripping – Episode 1

We left Saturday morning, not nearly as early as we had planned.  We headed north to Kentucky.  After checking into our campground and setting up our pop-up trailer, we headed to The Creation Museum.  It’s funny when you visit a place that you’ve seen so many pictures of – kind of surreal.  The museum has a very intimate feeling.  Although it was Labor Day weekend, it wasn’t overly crowded (particularly on Saturday, two hours before closing.)  We made our way through the main section.  Isabel saw the animatronic raptor and got scared!  She held up her hand and said “HIDE!”  We visited the bookstore, and then headed back to our campsite – where we were greeted with thunder and lightening!  Scott quickly got the charcoal going for the grill because we had planned to barbecue hamburgers!  He kept popping outside to check the burgers – and fend off an overly curious duck who really wanted to grab one.


Give me your burgers and no one will get hurt.

Sunday, we headed back to the Creation Museum.  When we arrived, we immediately grabbed lunch in Noah’s Cafe.  I was really surprised at how few people were there!  The meals were around $8 each including drinks (kids were less) and the food was pretty good.  We went through the lower level exhibits and also watched two films.  The first was “Men in White” – which was complete with wind and water spray! The water spray kind of freaked Alyssa out!  We also watched “The Last Adam” which explained the Gospel very well.  All of the media at the museum was done very well.  While we were there, the girls rode a camel, we visited the petting zoo (Alyssa was all about the Zorse and Zonkey), and after a quick walk through the botanical garden, we headed back to camp.  We drove down to a little ice cream stand and had ice cream.  The temperature was around 95 degrees and it was SO hot.  The crazy thing is that the museum is in Kentucky.  Our campground was 10 minutes away – in Ohio.  And literally on the other side of the road was Indiana.  The campground also has a lake which is an old quarry.  Apparently it drops off to almost 80 feet directly from the edge.  Scary!

_DSC0385 _DSC0388


At one point at the museum, I had gone to use the ladies room.  I left Scott and the girls in the book store.  I returned to find Isabel running around in a diaper with no pants.  Apparently her pull-up had overflowed and she was leaving a trail all through the book store!  Oh my!  Scott changed her and then had to clean up the floor with baby wipes!  I took her bottoms to the bathroom and cleaned them in the sink and let them dry until we headed outside.  It was so warm out that they dried very quickly once I put them back on her outside.  Note to others:  Don’t forget to change your toddler’s pull-up while at the Creation Museum.  Sorry Ken Ham!


Excuse me, but I’ve noticed your child is peeing on my floor.

Monday morning we headed north, driving through Ohio and Michigan.  We crossed into Ontario at Port Huron without any issue.  The weather changed and we were enjoying cooler temperatures with clouds and rain.  We skirted along Lake Huron and were surrounded by corn, soybeans and windmills.  There weren’t any radio stations on AM or FM channels.  We were in the sticks!


Canadian farm with soybeans growing.

Eventually we arrived at the home of Scott’s cousin.  We camped in their side yard for two nights and enjoyed very special time with the family.  We walked around the quaint town, visited the playground and splash pad, bought some Ontario apples, and discovered that our debit card wouldn’t work (I might have freaked out a little bit!  Thankfully a quick call to our bank for them to authorize international use and we were good to go!)  It was a sweet time of fellowship and encouragement in the things of the Lord.  Isabel ADORED “Cousin Jeff” and Alyssa cried when we left.  She had bonded with her newly found cousin Emma over horses and music. (And a newfound love of the Wunderbar candy bar!)

To be continued…


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