It’s Time to Choose

I was laying in bed last night, pondering the condition of our country.  I remembered how after the 9/11 attacks, Americans flooded into churches and pulled together and called on God… for a couple of weeks.  Then I thought about how just recently, the shootings in Charleston drew attention to God and forgiveness and people of faith… for a couple of days.  And now, we are seeing one video after another being released (as of today, 4 videos have been released) that shows Planned Parenthood management discussing the prices for various organs and parts of aborted babies.


America – will you wake up to this evil that you have embraced?  Regardless of your political views or how you believe women need access to “safe, legal and rare abortion” – LOOK WITH YOUR EYES!!  Don’t you dare look away!   [ARTICLE: Looking Away from Abortion]

God is calling us.  We have a choice to make.  As we watch these horrific videos of people nonchalantly discussing the price for a pre-born human’s liver and brain over drinks, will we disconnect or will we respond?  Will we turn a blind eye to it and ignore these realities or will we engage and change our minds and hearts – and ultimately our society?  If we don’t, judgement is coming.  The atrocities being committed, the profaning of God and waving flags of our sin in His face will not go unpunished.  Turn back while there is still time.  We enjoy living under God’s Grace during this time, but the window is rapidly closing and mankind will soon fall under God’s Righteous Judgement.  Which side are you on? Jesus is at the door!  You cannot sit on the fence any longer.  You know the Truth in your heart.  Open your eyes.



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