The countdown to adoption has begun!

All of our documents have been filed with the court to finalized the adoption of Baby Girl 🙂  There is a rumor that it may even happen in June, but we’re still waiting on the official date!  In the meantime, I’m putting together gift bags for our case manager, case supervisor, and attorneys.  I’m doing a starfish theme, to go along with the Starfish Story, because that story really touches me.  I’ve had people actually tell me that I can’t save them all – and that is certainly true, but I can make a difference in the lives that God brings into my home.  I can’t really imagine what it will feel like she is REALLY ours – on paper!  She was signed into our custody a couple of weeks ago, and that was kind of weird, too!

We plan to reopen for placements once everything is finalized, but I’m feeling kind of unsure as to what to say we are open to.  Baby Girl doesn’t get along well with other toddlers in the house and I’m somewhat cautious to bring in older children now.  This may leave me open to just infants – which opens my heart to a lot of heartbreak when they leave!  (And it means a ton of work and little sleep!)  I’m trying to just relax about it and know that God has it under control.

I feel like this is kind of a scattered, short post, but I wanted to post an update and I don’t have energy to type much more!  🙂  Goodnight!



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