The Love of Family


My grandmother went to be with Jesus just hours after my last post on Thursday.  She was surrounded by her children, brother, and I believe a couple of grandchildren.  They were singing “How Great Thou Art”.  She was breathing with her mouth open and her breaths were becoming more and more shallow.  I am told that after she took her last breath, her mouth slowly closed and her lips formed a sweet smile.

I was unexpectedly able to find an inexpensive flight out of Chattanooga and made it into town on Saturday.  I spent two nights with my two of my aunts and was able to visit with all of my aunts and uncles and most of my cousins.  The funeral was on Monday.  It was such a warm time of remembering and there were many laughs mixed among the tears.

I was so blessed that the Lord was able to work out my going – and that my husband was able to take off work and fill in for me in my absence (which meant a drive to South Carolina, as well as playing “Mom taxi” to Alyssa’s classes.)



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