Organizing is Hard Work!

I am presently on day 3 of paperwork organization for Mind Organization for Moms.  I thought I was almost done – and then found another stack of papers that I had forgotten about.  I’m making progress and I know where I can find papers that I have processed – which is a huge deal!  The entire process of setting up the basic program is supposed to take 2 weeks.  However, I have had an insane schedule that I was not able to clear so I’ve been working on it in bits and pieces.  I love that I have a system set up to adequately handle each category of item.  I’m not tossing stuff that I might need because I have no place to put it and I’m not piling stuff because I think I’ll need it but don’t know where to put it.  The more that I understand how the “machine” works, the more I like it and think it will work for me long-term.

Of course, getting a handle on all of the stuff that’s been bouncing around my head forever is motivating me to tackled other projects, so I’m getting ready to sort our curriculum and price it for a sale in June.  I’m going to have to really think through what I get rid of though, seeing as I have a 2 year old that I get to start over from scratch with!

I have a few other posts in the works, but between meetings and appointments and errands and and and and… I’m getting a ton done, just not necessarily what I’d like to accomplish!


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