When Did We Stop Liking Children?

I don’t have a ‘large’ family, but I have quite a few friends who do! I totally agree with this post! Why do we see children as burdens when scripture says they are blessings? Why do we give sideways glances at moms who are working their tails off instead of giving them a word of encouragement? I challenge you to speak a kind word the next time you see a mom struggling. It makes a difference.


When did we stop liking children? Seriously? Can anyone put their finger on it?

When did our nation adopt this perfect boy-girl, 1.9, family dogma?

I have 4 children.

That’s it.


We aren’t exactly running an orphanage. In a lot of circles having only four children would be considered a small family.

If you have more than 2 children you have probably had someone say one, or all, of these things to you (especially at the grocery store):

“Are those ALL your kids?”

Now, if I had a dollar every time I have heard this, we could pay off our house! Really.

I like to answer this seemingly obvious question in different ways (depending on my mood that day).

Usually I say, “Well, they do seem to be following me around calling me “Mom.” 🙂

But sometimes I like to say, “Nope, I had to run to the store to buy…

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