We don’t need another dog

This evening, the Handsome Husband and I took a quick trip to Tractor Supply Company for cat food, chicken scratch, and other things that I think he had in mind but didn’t find.  On the way, we had to slow down for a dog in the road.  On the way home, there she was again – standing on the side of the road.  It was raining, getting ready to get dark, and she was in the middle of a wildlife management area, not near any homes.  We passed her and Scott said “Should we stop?”  He turned around and back we went.  He pulled off the road as far as he could and turned on the caution lights.  I opened my door and called softly to her.  She growled.  Her body gave away the fact that she had recently had puppies and she was very thin.  No collar.  “Hey Baby Girl.  It’s okay.  I’m not going to hurt you.”  Her tail was tucked between her shivering legs and she growled again.  I slid out of my side of the van, trying to stay low to the ground and talking softly to her.  She ran around the other side of the van.  Scott got out and she ran back around my side.  I sat on the wet grass and called her to me.  After running past me again, she must have decided I was ‘safe’.  She ran to me and got into my lap.  I patted her on the head and continued soothing her while we decided how to get her into the van.  I started to pick her up.  She protested.  Then she ran up to my open door and jumped right in.  I scooped her into my lap and road the remaining 2 miles or so home with her snuggled into my neck.

We got her home and got a collar and leash on her and immediately, her tail was wagging.  We brought her inside and after she and our other dog got acquainted, they played and had a fight and then played some more and then collapsed on the floor by each other.  She is dry and fed and has a safe spot in a crate (and she’s been treated for fleas.)  She’s now curled up on the couch beside me – which is totally against our house rules.  No dogs on the furniture!  And yet, there she lies and I don’t have the heart to move her just yet.

While we were assembling the crate earlier, Scott said “What should we name her?”  I replied “Don’t you think that is a bit premature?”  He just told me “No.”  LOL

DSCN4376 DSCN4377

We don’t need another dog… and yet, I think another dog needed us.


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