Power of Moms – Mind Organization for Moms eCourse

Several weeks ago, I attended an online webinar put out by Power of Moms titled “How to make HUGE Projects Feel Easy.”  It addressed something that is a huge issue for  me – becoming overwhelmed when looking at things you need to accomplish.  April Perry, the founder of Power of Moms, laid out an easy to follow method for tackling your to-do list.  I found it very helpful and immediately planned to implement the method.  I was a little shocked when I wrote out a list of all the things that are floating around in my head and it was FOUR PAGES long.  Yikes!  April’s technique allows you to get all those nagging things out of your head and then helps you prioritize and break it all down into “next actions” so that you can be constantly making progress.  It is totally doable and was so helpful for someone like me.  I get so overwhelmed by the big picture that I can’t figure out where to start!

At the end of the webinar, April introduced her program called “Mind Organization for Moms” (or M.O.M.).  It is all about taking control of your home and schedule so that you have time to do what is important instead of constantly chasing your tail and not feeling like you are accomplishing anything!  Can you tell this resonated with me? LOL  There is a M.O.M. eCourse as well as a M.O.M Premium membership that gets you all kinds of added information and online forums, etc.  It all looked very attractive to me (my readers know how I struggle with organization!)  I contacted Power of Moms and guess what?  They were kind enough to give me a copy of the eCourse to review – and even better, they are giving a second copy away to one lucky reader!

However, right after this, my family once again all got the sickies!!  (For the second time in a month!?)  We are just now finally all on the mend.  I’m planning to jump into the M.O.M. program now and will do the giveaway once I post my review!  Look for it in about 2 weeks! (Also, if you have the opportunity to do the free webinar – DO IT!)


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