Dehydrating Mushrooms

It’s that time again – mushrooms are on sale at ALDI!  I found them for 79 cents at my local store and picked up 3 packages.  Too often, I buy mushrooms and before I can use them all, they spoil.  However, I’ve had really good success dehydrating them in the past, so I decided to get some extras and add them to the food storage pantry.

After wiping any dirt off with a damp papertowel, I sliced the mushrooms into about 1/2-inch slices and laid them in the dehydrator.  I set it at 135 degrees.

10982590_10153068111766215_5550257482113864514_oI let them run for a few hours, until they were crisp.  Then packaged in a quart zip bag (although a mason jar would be better.)

10974409_10153068961556215_57232258855708084_oThese are great for throwing into soups or stews or adding to beef broth if making a nice gravy to pour over steaks.



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