The blessing of obedience

I didn’t plan to write another entry so soon, but something happened this morning that I want to share.

I rushed out the door, dropping the two babies off to their regular foster mom and then running to a meeting for the Prayer Shawl Ministry.  Then I dashed in to Kroger.  I needed a few items – and I have the baby’s WIC vouchers that are expiring soon (foster children here receive WIC benefits that cover milk, eggs, cheese, peanut butter or beans, various whole grains, cereal, and fresh produce.  We go through way more milk, cheese, strawberries and bananas than it covers every month, but it does help and I have a good stash of brown rice in the pantry!)

I was very careful with my selections and only bought one item that wasn’t covered by the vouchers.  My total came to $1.73.  We could have possibly used a few other non-essential items, but I spent more this paycheck than I anticipated so I am trying to conserve.  We are going to Florida next week to visit our friends and help with their ministry and things are going to be a little tight between now and next Friday.  I know this and am making (or not making!) my purchases accordingly, but I have been a little stressed about driving 10 hours the day *before* payday.

I got all checked out and was pushing my cart out the front doors when a man ran up to me.  I assumed I had forgotten a bag of groceries.  He grasped my arm and pressed a $100 bill into my hand.  He said “I want you to have this.” I looked at him and immediately assumed that he saw me checking out with four WIC vouchers in a row and thought that I was in need.  I explained to him that the WIC food is for my foster child and tried to give the money back to him.  He refused and insisted I take it.  I thanked him and walked to my car, a little overwhelmed, if I am honest.

My first thought was “I really hope that man didn’t assume things about me that are inaccurate and need this money more than I do.”  That thought was immediately followed by “God!  You are so good to me!  You care about every little thing in my life, don’t You?  Are you honoring my decision yesterday or are You just reminding me that I am loved and that You are there?”

I sat in my van and considered how blessed I was by this man obeying God’s whisper in his ear.  And I thought of how blessed this man was to have obeyed and been used by God.  (I also reflected on the times in the past when God provided for me through random people – a card full of cash stuck in the front door, an elderly gentleman insisting on paying my electric bill all winter under the guise of “the house is too cold for the piano to stay in tune”, among others.)

How often might God be able to use us to do His work and bless others, if we only listened and obeyed?  What are we missing out on because we are too busy, too distracted, too whatever to heed that still, small Voice?  God will accomplish His Will, regardless of our inaction.  But we will be the ones to miss the blessing of being participants.



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