Pizza Night Update

Our family has been enjoying our homemade pizzas once a week!

One week, we had enchilada pizza.  This was made using the Master Pizza Dough recipe from  I topped it with canned enchilada sauce, ground beef, cheese, and black olives.  Then, after baking, I added a bit of lettuce and sour cream.  We all agreed it was quite tasty!  The crust was pretty good, but still not “the one”.

Enchilada Pizza

Enchilada Pizza

Tonight, we had a pepperoni and salami pizza on a Sicilian pan pizza dough.  The dough was very good.  It was kind of a bit more labor intensive to make, but I will definitely make it again.  It was thick and had a really nice crust on the bottom.  I made this using the Exquisite Pizza Sauce recipe – but I used 1 T. honey granules in place of the 2 T. of honey (it was too sweet last time) and I added about 1 T. of red cooking wine.  I also left out the cayenne pepper to cut the heat some.  I DID include anchovy paste this go round and I think it helped with the flavor.

Sicilian-style Pan Pizza

Sicilian-style Pan Pizza



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