Family Pizza Night

Tonight is “Family Pizza Night”.  YUM!

When I was in high school, I worked in a little pizza restaurant that was owned by a Sicilian friend of my grandfathers.  I remember evenings spent makinpizzapang dough and getting paper cuts from folding hundreds of pizza boxes.  I really enjoyed the tasty food we served.  When I decided to start doing homemade pizzas, I knew I had to either replace my (broken) pizza stones or use the metal mesh pans that we used at the restaurant.  I was able to find the latter quite inexpensively on and I have to say, they work really well (we tried them out last week.)  The crust was nice and crisp and browned and didn’t stick!

UPDATE INTERNATIONAL PS-16 Aluminum Pizza Screen – 16 inch
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For tonight’s pizzas, I used the following recipes: Exquisite Pizza Sauce and Italian Feather Bread Pizza Dough.  The sauce is made at room temperature and whips up very quickly (I am excluding the anchovy paste because I don’t have any on hand.)  The dough recipe took 4 cups of flour to come together, but rose quite nicely (and quickly.)

pizzaSo, the verdict!

The crust was probably the best I have made from scratch, but was not as good as pizzeria crust.  The edge was nice and chewy, but I thought the center left something to be desired.  It also stuck to the screen, despite using lots of olive oil spray on them before putting the crust on top.  I would make it again, but I will try another recipe or two before settling on my “go to” recipe.

The sauce tasted better on the pizza with the mixed toppings than the pepperoni only.  It was definitely on the sweet side and was quite spicy.  Next time I would reduce the honey and probably eliminate the cayenne pepper entirely.  I’d maybe reduce the crushed red pepper in half, also.

I hope to vary our pizza and not just do pepperoni with red sauce.  I want to make a philly cheesesteak pizza, a buffalo chicken, a bbq chicken pizza, spinach alfredo, and we’ll see what else.

What’s your favorite kind of pizza?



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