So, we had a couple more kids for 22 hours…

On Friday, we took placement of a 4 year old and 17 month old.  They were adorable and really sweet children.  The only issue – Baby Girl wanted to beat up the 17 month old boy.  He got in her face and tried to grab food from her as soon as he came in the door and that set the stage.  There was hitting, hair pulling, pushing, and lots of screaming.  The Handsome Husband was not pleased and the case manager said she’d rather move them than have Baby Girl feel unwelcome in her own home…  So, placements 17 and 18 were moved after just 15 minutes of calling other foster homes.

I cried and felt bad about it.  We gave them a warm spot for the night and next day and their clothes left in suitcases instead of the trash bags they came with, so I guess we did something good for them.  *sigh*  I assured the 4 year old girl that she was a sweetheart and that we loved having them, but they deserved to be somewhere that her brother didn’t have to be in constant conflict with another little girl his age.  They will be an easy placement for the new foster home, I think.

Lesson learned – no children within a year of age of Baby Girl.

In other news, it is looking like her adoption will be finalized sometime in May 2015 🙂


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