Alyssa’s Hope Chest

With Alyssa’s 13th birthday fast approaching, I decided that the perfect gift would be a hope chest.  So I spent a couple of days scouring Craigslist and was able to find this chest for just $42!  (And I didn’t have to drive TOO terribly far to get it!)


cedarchest2It is cedar lined, which is PERFECT!

I already have copies of The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love and The Hope Chest – Vintage Wedding Guide to Preparing Bridal Trousseau, but we’ve never looked at them.  🙂  She is still reading through Beautiful Girlhood.

I plan to rehab the chest a little bit.  I’m going to paint the lid black (it has a large stain in the middle) and use a stencil to put a gold design.  I may end up painting the whole thing black – I haven’t decided yet 😉

For those who don’t know what a hope chest is, here’s a quick explanation –

A hope chest legacy is vast and far reaching. Some of the items in a hope chest may include practical things such as treasured table cloths, china, pillowcases, blankets, quilts, aprons, cookbooks, dish towels. It also may include~ worthy books, letters of wisdom, Bibles and even beloved hand written journals.

This will be a labor of love for the coming years, adding pieces that Alyssa will one day use in her own home with her own family.  I told Emily that I would have gotten her a hope chest, but by the time I came in the picture, she was already out on her own.  I do give her things that I *would* have put into her hope chest, though.  ♥



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