Two weeks until moving day…

We move October 5th.  We’ve already had the chance to take a load of boxes up to the house and will move more on the night of the 4th.  I’m a little calmer now that things are getting packed.

Alyssa has finally started getting the hang of being a big sister.  She enjoys giving the baby baths and has even changed a couple of diapers – a HUGE thing for her!  Baby Girl ADORES Alyssa.  She goes crazy when she sees her.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Baby Girl will be with us until February at least.  Visits with birthmom have been suspended for the time being, which means a much better sleeping baby.  We’re still running non-stop with Alyssa having to go to Vision Therapy, OT, violin, counseling and writing class.  She is also supposed to be adding in speech for pragmatic language.  6th grade with GCA is intense and we’re already way behind.  But we’re trying!

Scott is in the living room, pulling apart the piano (NOT the piano in North Carolina, another antique piano that was given to us).  It was going to cost close to $1000 to have it repaired/tuned.  It’s a beautiful piano though.  My mom and stepdad are going to make a desk out of it and we’re taking two pieces to make a wall shelf.  The new house comes with a nice piano 🙂

Today I picked the first tomatoes we’ve had all season.  This summer was so wet and cool that they just never did anything!  Speaking of gardening, I picked up a bunch of organic seeds at Wal-Mart this week for 50 cents a package! I won’t have much to buy for next year.  I hope to have a large garden and can enough spaghetti sauce and freeze enough corn to get us through the year.  Doable?  We’ll see!

I am at least halfway finished with Christmas shopping!  The house is going to be beautiful for the holidays.  I’m looking forward to decorating 🙂  And I’ve got a bunch of miscellaneous stocking stuffers put up for foster girls ❤  I hope to be able to give some children a wonderful Christmas and teach them about God’s Love for them!


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