Orijinz (Review!)

I happened across this game at the Salvation Army recently.  I immediately appreciated the compact size (think a thick paperback book, but smaller height/width).  The game is described on the back of the box as:

ever wonder why
we’re not just happy, we’re happy as a clam?
we call something jumbo, instead of just big?
we don’t just talk, we chew that fat?

It’s hilariously funny, it’s incredibly fascinating, it’s Orijinz™, the original word and phrase card game.  It’s a snap to learn: one player reads the origin and the others try to guess the word or phrase.  You’ll enjoy the guesses as much as the origins themselves!

You don’t need to be a word nerd to play and have fun.  Quiz each other on car trips, during dinner, or with your book group! So have a ball with the game that is a cut above and the pick of the litter – Orijinz. http://www.orijinz.com

This sounded interesting to me, as I sort of have a reputation for knowing lots of random (and often worthless, except on Jeopardy!, information…)  So it came home with me.

Orijinz Card Game

What you should know:

– Best for people 13 and older (unless your kid is a wordsmith – then they will enjoy it!)
– 15 minutes approximately for one round
– 2 or more players
– 150 cards included

What we loved about this game – it’s quick and doesn’t take up a lot of room.  It’s great for date night or if you’re having friends over (let the kids play CandyLand while the adults play Orijinz!)  Some of the words/phrases/animals are easy to guess.  Others are very difficult!

Here’s an example card:

They are clear and easy to read.  Some include neat little “tidbits” of information on the background of the word or phrase.  The person who is the card reader (this rotates), simply pulls a card and reads the origin.  If no one can guess the phrase or word and a definition is listed, it can be read.  If no one can guess the answer, the reader can then give their own verbal or physical clues.  Tidbits are read after the point has been awarded to whoever guessed correctly.

I can see that we are going to get a lot of use out of this game, as the husband and I enjoy playing games together in the evenings.  I also feel that it will be valuable to Alyssa’s pragmatic language skills, so I plan to sort of quiz her with the cards so that she can learn new phrases to use.

You can order this game directly from the manufacturer at http://www.orijinz.com for $14.95, which is pretty reasonable compared with  other games (Bananagrams sells for the same suggested retail price.)  There is an Orijinz 2 version with 150 new cards and also an Orijinz Quotes version that lists quotes and you have to guess the author.

Note: There is also an alternate version of the game listed on the instructions that sounds like it would be fun with a larger group.  In the alternate version, the answer (phrase/word/name) is read and each player then writes down the origin.  The fun part is that if you don’t know, you try to make up an origin that really sounds plausible because everyone is going to vote on which is the right one!  The reader writes down the real origin and a made up one and gets a point if no one chooses the correct origin.  The rest get a point for writing or choosing the correct answer.  And everyone that has an origin chosen by other players gets points (1 for 1 player, 2 for 2 or more players that chose their made-up origin.)  I can see this getting really interesting if you’ve got a couple of super creative people playing! 🙂

The manufacturer does list a disclaimer that while there is still some debate on the true origins of some of the words/phrases they use, the answers are well researched and as accurate as possible.

These pictures belong to the manufacturer, not me. 🙂


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