Homestudy Submitted!

This morning we had to have our fingerprints redone at the county DFCS office.  We originally had them done back in November when we were signed up with FaithBridge but the report wasn’t transferable between agencies.  So, apparently my fingers are wrinkly.  Two of my prints were rejected, but apparently they only need 3 good ones per hand.  Good thing I’m not more wrinkly!

The homestudy itself was completed yesterday.  Our licensing worker needed to speak with James (dear stepson) to add the final paragraph to our report and they were finally able to connect yesterday.  Not sure how long it will take to get our license or when we will begin getting calls for children.

We are excited, but nervous (and I’m a bit scared!) because this is an entirely new journey for us.  Alyssa keeps asking “When can we get kids?”, but it will be a huge adjustment for her to not be the center of attention.  We are praying that the Lord can use us to reach children and families that are in difficult places with His Love and Grace.


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