Alyssa has finally made a close friend who is close in age to her.  Tessa is a year younger and they both share the Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis.  Their mannerisms are very similar and it’s neat to watch them interact because they GET each other.  Alyssa hasn’t ever had that.  She’s always played with much younger children, but as those kids age at the normal rate, her emotional development is not keeping up – so those kids are passing her by.  (Kids with AS are typically about 2/3 their chronological age as far as emotional development goes – so a 9 year old might be on a 6 year old level, a 12 year old on an 8 year old level, etc.)  Tessa is also homeschooled, loves animals and reading – which has created positive peer pressure for Alyssa, who is finally reading chapter books!  (“If Tessa can read a chapter book, so can I!!”)  So glad that they are hitting it off like they are!


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