Neurologist Visit


Today Alyssa saw Dr. Herminia Ferreras at CMC-Concord’s Pediatric Neurology.  After examining her and asking lots of questions, as well as having me complete a questionnaire, her preliminary diagnoses are: anxiety disorder, ADHD, and probable autism spectrum disorder. Will need to do many hours of testing to have final answer (although dr said it was *likely* Asperger’s Syndrome – which we already knew…)  So glad to have this appointment behind us!  It seems like we waited forever (were accidentally put on the year-long waiting list for Dr. Corbier, a well known autism specialist.)  Alyssa will be having further testing done by a neuro-psychologist and we are starting her on a low dosage of Concerta to see if helps her calm down a bit and focus more.  The ADHD has really become apparent and getting her to do schoolwork is quite the challenge.


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