The piano has arrived!

I spent the entire weekend and Monday and Tuesday searching for a way to transport the piano the 10 or so miles to our house. No luck.

During this same time, I read a post on a local e-mail loop for homeschoolers about a music teacher who is offering free lessons to homeschool kids in our county (and even had instruments to loan.) I dismissed it initially, thinking it totally had to be a scam. Then several moms replied to the post about how their children had been taking lessons for years with this teacher and that he was a godly man “with the patience of a dove when it comes to children.” I contacted the mom who sent the original post and asked her if the teacher taught piano. She said that he did and encouraged me to call him. I spoke with him yesterday evening and when he heard that we needed to transport the piano, he immediately said “I have piano dollies and have moved many pianos.  Where is it and when would you like it?” I gave him the phone number of the man with the piano.

Yesterday at 2:30, my phone rang. It was the music teacher – two streets from my house – with the piano in his truck! I wasn’t home! LOL I had to have my bestie run over and let him in while I drove home and tried not to get a ticket.

Not only is this man a music teacher with 50 years experience, he used to rebuild pianos! He got the piano in the house and then had to run because he drives a bus for his church on Wednesday nights. But before leaving, he said he would be back to TUNE the piano for FREE and asked when Alyssa would like to start lessons – an hour a week, IN OUR HOME, free!!!!

Again, I would totally think this was a scam situation, but in talking to him, my friend discovered that he used to attend her church and knows her pastor, etc. And he has had some very good references, as well.

I’m blown away as I sit here and think about this.

Not only did God give Alyssa a piano…

Not only did God have that piano delivered by someone with experience moving pianos…

Not only did God provide someone to tune the piano…

God has provided her with free lessons, in our home!!! (Gas is a major issue for us right now.)

The music teacher has been teaching for free for all these years and the only payment he says he’s ever asked for is the joy he receives in hearing the kids play.

God certainly is able to do beyond what we can ask or think!


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