Productive rainy day…

I’m sitting here, listening to the sound of rain coming down outside my window. It’s a sound that I love – so calming and refreshing!

Today I began my Christmas crafts! I cut out all of the questions for the Journal Jar and got them folded and put into the jar, which I also labeled. I need to cut the square of fabric out for the top and sew the binder cover for the journal part and then it will be done.

I worked on the shrinky dink pendant for Alyssa this evening. I did a little rectangle with a silhouette of a running horse and a little circle with the letter “A”. I like the horse one better than the initial, so I may just use it. I’m debating whether to put a jump ring on it and string it on wire with beads or to string it on satin ribbon with a string of beads kind of spiraling around the ribbon. I’m very happy with how the #6 plastic shrunk. I picked up some dinner rolls at Bi-Lo and used the top of the package. (Will post pictures of both projects once they are done.)



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