A long overdue update!

We are still homeschooling. Alyssa will be 9 in a couple of months and is in 3rd grade. Reading has really clicked with her the past few months and she’s just started the Little House series. We’re a bit behind on math, but will catch up here shortly. We’re still members of our local homeschool group and Alyssa is still enjoying violin. It is hard to believe she’s been playing 2 years this month – and she has a natural talent for it. Occupational Therapy began in April, after years of not being able to pay for it with private insurance! Her therapist says that it is a miracle that Alyssa can play violin because her fine motor skills are so delayed in other areas – she shouldn’t be able to! We still deal with several aspects of Sensory Processing Disorder and Alyssa has been referred out to a developmental ophthalmologist for visual development delays and to a neurologist for an assessment for Asperger’s Syndrome. Despite these setbacks, she’s making good progress. We just have to remind ourselves to not constantly compare her to other children her age and instead look at where she began and where she is today.



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