Back to School!

After almost un-schooling for a couple of months, we’re back to structure this morning.  I will say that Alyssa has learned a lot during this down-time.  She continued with violin lessons once a week, as well as Gym & Swim at the YMCA and we did non-structured activities.

But today, it’s back to the grind!  LOL

We’ve done our morning meeting.  This is new for us, but we’re meeting before we begin school to say the Pledge of Allegiance, go over our memory verse for the week, pray, and discuss what we’re trying to accomplish today.

Then we did a little mini-book on “Winter Words” from because we woke up to a dusting of snow.

We followed that up with laminating our new schedule cards that I will put on the wall to show what our daily schedule is going to be (I need this more than Alyssa!  It’s hard for me to stay on track without things written down…)

And then Alyssa sat on the floor and punched a bunch of holes in a piece of paper for no reason.  I tried to look on this activity as building fine motor skills…

Next we read lesson 7 of Health, Safety & Manners (A Beka) which covered skin.  Useful stuff, skin.  To coordinate with the lesson on washing hands, I put a laminated sign over the potty that says “Flush the Toilet” and a sign next to the sink with “Wash Your Hands” (also from  These appear to be issues that 7 year olds do not remember regularly – or at least MY 7 year old can’t seem to remember~

We’re getting ready to cover lesson 12 in My America, My World (A Beka) which happens to be on Abe Lincoln.  Alyssa will color a picture of Abraham Lincoln from while I go over the lesson.

After that, we’re going to work on some math and maybe counting money (because the play money is already out from showing her Abraham Lincoln on the $5 bill and the penny.

And I believe we’ll do a lesson in Choosing Obedience and a page or two out of A Reason for Handwriting.

I’m changing my organizational method (what?  Organization?  Sarah – I know you are laughing!)  I find that I work better with keeping track of things on paper than the computer.  I dislike recording things in Homeschool Tracker during the day, so I am instead going to record what we do in a spiral bound notebook and put it in HS Tracker at the end of each week.  I’m also trying to get the schoolroom together so that we know where things are and can get to them.  That alone should make the school day go easier!  Once the clutter is banished, I’ll post pictures.

Back to Abe Lincoln…  Thanks for reading!


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