Exciting Developments!

First off, I believe we have perhaps found a church after several weeks of visiting various churches in our area.  This one immediately felt like home to me and the people were very friendly and welcoming.  I’m excited to go back on Sunday – although I need to do some laundry so I have something to wear!  Can I just say YAY for GOODWILL when you’ve gained weight and need to buy skirts!  LOL

It’s an Independent Fundamental Baptist church – which is what we attended in Stone Mountain, GA.  They are all about being an old fashioned church with a big heart and the pastor supports homeschooling.  In fact, his one child is homeschooled.  I even met other homeschoolers when I was there 🙂

And then this week, I found a homeschool group in my area that I really think I will click with!  A Christian group that is very conservative with lots of activities in our area.  I met with several of the ladies last night for dinner and really enjoyed the company!  And then today, we attended a picnic with them and again, felt so welcomed.  They even made Alyssa an Achievement Certificate, so she wouldn’t feel left out when the other children received their’s.  Very thoughtful.

Alyssa finished six weeks of horseback riding lessons last week, which she enjoyed immensely!






One thought on “Exciting Developments!

  1. Sounds like things are going good/better for you guys!! How is Earl? Glad you are getting more and more settled!!

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