Getting settled in

We’re slowly getting there.  My mom and stepdad came up a couple of weeks ago and helped us get most of the boxes out of the house (the garage is still piled SKY HIGH!)  I have most of my soaping supplies situated and hope to get back to soapmaking soon.

We are working through our Grade 1 material – although not that quickly.  I am going to have to set some firm boundaries on activities because it feels like all we ever do is run run run.  Alyssa is currently taking a homeschool horseback riding class at a local stable and we are going to many activities through a website called – they are part The Mommies Network that is national.  We’ve met some really nice ladies and Alyssa is loving the “socialization time” she is getting.  We’ve also been visiting churches and I’m not sure if we’ve found one or not.  I think the people are very friendly and they are on target doctrinally, but I wish there were more homeschoolers in the congregation (there is just one family with a 5 yo they are homeschooling currently.)

The weather has been beautiful and looking around, I am reminded of all the things I love about living in the Southeast!  I’m still not entirely “here” emotionally, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to put the past behind me and move forward.



2 thoughts on “Getting settled in

  1. It's me Sarah! I was so glad to meet you tonight. I see that you knit, I do too, when I have time. Alyssa is so adorable especially with that curly hair!
    I'll email you again later when it's not 12:41 am.

    Talk to you soon,

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