Back to School…

After a very long break from schooling due to the chaos of the move, we resumed this week.  We recently purchased Math-U-See Alpha and Alyssa has enjoyed her first few lessons so far.  She finished up the Explode The Code Primer book C and scored 100% on the pretest in book 1.  YAY!  I was surprised she had retained things considering the length of time we’ve been on “break”.  We’re going to be digging into CLP “Our Father’s World” for science, although I suspect for Grade 2, we’ll be switching to Apologia.  We have Abeka for history/geography and health/safety/manners, Pearables for Home Ec, CLP for bible, and we’re switching to “A Reason for Handwriting” for penmenship.  Hopefully we can settle into a routine soon.

Unfortunately, I am having a horrible time getting unpacked!  I’ve made very little (if any) progress in the past 4-6 weeks.  It’s pathetic really.  I am going to try to get the house under control by the end of next week.  Having things so disorderly is affecting all of us.

We absolutely LOVE where we moved!  The Lord had to bring us here because there’s no way we could have found it ourselves.  I’ve met several very nice ladies and I have friendly neighbors – many of which have children Alyssa’s age.  I just mailed off my application to a local homeschool group called H.O.M.E. of Gaston County (Home Oriented Ministry and Education.)  I hope to get Alyssa involved in 4-H and the Homeschool Gym & Swim at the YMCA.  Our problem here is not LACK of activities, but rather deciding which we want to participate in without overcommiting ourselves.

This past week, I finally broke out the NutriMill and Bosch!  I made a batch of dough and made it into 3 loaves of bread, 2 batches of cinnamon pull-aparts, and 1 batch of parmesan herb breadsticks.  I was quite pleased with how they turned out.

We also had our backyard fenced and hope to be able to have a yard put together in the next month or so.  Alyssa looks forward to having a place to play, other than the driveway LOL

I can’t register as a homeschool until October (4 weeks before Alyssa’s 7th birthday) due to the compulsory school age in North Carolina (did I mention we’re in NC?  We live about 30 minutes outside of Charlotte.)  If she was in PS, she would be in K due to her birthdate, so I am feeling good that we’re in the middle of 1st Grade curriculum.  I think we’ll be at LEAST 50% of the way through by the fall, perhaps all the way finished.  So despite having a 5 month break, she is still ahead.

Are there any other HSBers in the Charlotte metro area?  Or the Greenville, SC area? (that’s where my mom lives.)


2 thoughts on “Back to School…

  1. You went from the west coast to the east. That is very brave of you. We dream of moving out of So. CA one day to a place that will give us room to roam and a place for orchards and my brown cow. Blessings on your new home.


  2. Sounds like you have really found a wonderful place!

    Unpacking is so hard–do it little by little and before you know it, you'll be done : )

    Meredith from Merchant Ships

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