Hello from Arizona

We decided Saturday to go ahead and leave.  The property was supposed to close by tomorrow at the latest, but now we’re being told it’ll probably be Friday.  We’re staying with my grandmother in Mesa for a couple of nights and are then heading across I-40 for a couple of days.

We got a late start, so we stayed in Castro Valley the first night – only about 4 hours from Willits.  Then we stayed a night in Fresno with my grandfather and we got in here last evening.  Yesterday was a long, hard drive.

We’ve decided to forego the Grand Canyon stop – as it will add several hours to our drive and we’re just not up to that.

We are taking Alyssa on the Stuffington Bear factory tour tomorrow.  She turned SIX yesterday!  We’re celebrating with an ice cream cake tonight.  She’s excited.

I felt a certain small thrill upon exiting California, but I don’t yet feel relieved.  I suspect that will come once the property has closed and we actually have some money in our account.

We’ve also recieved word that my grandfather in Oklahoma is not doing well.  He was hospitalized over the weekend and they decided today that there is really nothing they can do for him.  We will be there on Saturday hopefully.  Prayers for his health are greatly appreciated.

Will check in again soon…



2 thoughts on “Hello from Arizona

  1. Glad you made it out of CA. Big hugs to you and your whole family! It is a blessing that you will be in OK to see your grandfather. I hope the closing goes through friday so you can finally close that chapter of your life! Thinking of you on your journey!


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