I remember why I dislike moving so much now…

I have way too many THINGS!

Okay, I should preface that statement by reminding readers that in addition to my home, I have an additional 2200 square feet in guest accommodations.  While the main furniture pieces are staying with the property, all of the pictures, accessories, kitchenware, and linens are coming with us.  We intend to sell most, but did not have time to do so before moving.

SO!  We were estimated 21 feet of a 28 foot trailer and 6 hours loading time.

28 feet and 11 hours later – we still have stuff that would not fit on the trailer.  We had to reserve a second trailer that is being dropped off tomorrow and we are STILL packing.

Closing should be either Wednesday or Thursday.  I’m hoping for Thursday at this point.

We’re staying in the Guesthouse (our house has no furniture) and it would be great if I hadn’t have packed the shower curtain LOL  I have to come to our house to shower in the morning!

That’s where we’re at!  Please continue to pray as we continue to pack and also as we load this second trailer.



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