Look what just arrived!

It’s being loaded up on Saturday and then will head down the highway on Monday.  WHOOHOOO!

We really are moving!  PRAISE THE LORD!

Now, who all is in North Carolina?  We are exploring areas around Charlotte – but should we also be looking around Raleigh-Durham and Winston-Salem?  Inquiring minds want to know


3 thoughts on “Look what just arrived!

  1. i'm from burlington NC and would have to say that in between Raleigh and Greensboro is the best area to live. Raleigh/Cary is very expensive and Charlotte tends to be higher too. I like the Greensboro area and there are many places to choose from between Raleigh and Greensboro (along the stretch of I85/I40). It just depends on how large of a city you want. I loved the Burlington area and it's grown a lot since I lived there. My favorite part of living in the Piedmont Triad area (Burlingtonish) is that you could be in the mountains or at the beach in NO TIme (about 3 hours). It really is like heaven!!! Email me if you need any specifics.

  2. We are looking at the areas around Charlotte – Gaston, Cabarrus and Iredell counties in particular. Can't wait to get there and check things out!

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