Packing is a busy job!

My mother flew in last Tuesday and we have been packing non-stop.  I think the bulk of it is finished – but we only have one day until she leaves.  I know we are going to be quite busy between now and next Sunday when the movers load the truck.

The reality that we are finally leaving has not set in for me yet – I suppose once we head down Sherwood Road for the very last time, it will hit me.

And let me tell you, I’m going to have to have a huge yard sale once we get settled!  I am taking way too many things that I didn’t have time to list on eBay and don’t want to give away.  I’m already going to have a truck full each for the hospital thrift store and the transitional housing place.  I’ve given away loads of dishes and food and furniture – but I’ve held on to way too many linens and kitchenware.  *SIGH*.  I guess I’d rather have time to really go through things and choose what to keep than be under the gun and get rid of something, only to regret it later.

So that’s my current status.  Up to my eyeballs in dishpacks and boxes and still a lot to get done.  Particularly when it comes to pictures.  I’m taking pretty much all of them.  YIKES. 



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