I wanted to share my experience with this company.

On 9/3, I placed an order for “Home Economics for Home Schoolers Level 1” by Pearables from aka Christian Realm

Their website states “We process orders of in stock merchandise within 3 business days or sooner, even during the busy season months.”  They offer free standard shipping on all items.  As I needed this item by the following week for school, I paid $5.95 for Priority Mail.

Friday (9/7) rolled around and I hadn’t recieved notice of shipping or notice that the item was not in stock, so I phoned and e-mailed the company and got no response.

On 9/10, their website showed my order as having shipped that day (9/10.)  When I didn’t recieve it by the following Friday (9/14), I phoned again and received no return call.

On 9/17, I e-mailed through their website and stated that I needed to receive tracking information on the item by 9/19  or I was going to contact my bank about issuing a chargeback.

On 9/22 the item arrived via Priority Mail – postmarked 9/18 – despite showing having been shipped on 9/10 on their website order tracking system.

I sent the following comment via their website.  I felt it was unfair to hold an item for 15 days without contacting a buyer that was paying for Priority delivery and that my shipping costs should be refunded.

I recieved my item today and see that it was shipped on 9/18, despite your site showing it was shipped on 9/10 and being charged for Priority shipping.

I find it highly unethical that the item showed as shipped when it had actually NOT been shipped and that I was charged for Priority on an order I placed on 9/3 that did not ship until 9/18.  I also just can’t believe that you do not respond to e-mails or phone calls.

Please refund my card for $5.95 that I paid for Priority Shipping.  I will be contacting the BBB about this experience, as well as my credit card company.

Again, I am just shocked at your silence despite three e-mails and two voicemails.  I will never do business with Christian Realm again – and I will share my experience here with other homeschoolers.  It’s really a shame – because a single phone call to let me know the status and waiving the shipping fee because it took two full weeks for you to ship would have redeemed the situation and made me a permanent customer.  This is not how you do business – at least not if you intend to stay in business.  (I, too, am a business owner.)  It is also a horrible witness for a Christian company.


I just got this reply via e-mail today – the very first contact I’ve had from the company since the automated e-mail confirmation of my order.

Dear Christy, 

Shipping charges are for shipping not ORDER PROCESSING.  2 totally different things.  Your order was shipped priorty as you requested. Please do take your business elsewhere as we will not do business with you again.  You should be ashamed to call yourself a christian speaking to us like that and trying to steal.

Britney M**********
Customer Service Rep

I was unable to find any reviews of this company online, so I am sharing my experience here so that you can decide whether or not this is a company YOU wish to do business with.    Caveat emptor.



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