But it’s a HOLIDAY!

Yes, yes.  Today is a holiday, for those of you who aren’t in the US.  So when I announced this morning to DH that we were starting First Grade today, I was greeted with “But it’s a holiday!  You can’t start school on a HOLIDAY!”  So, I made a pie (see below) and went to Michael’s and got a bunch of $1 craft kits for school.  I had planned to go to the bookstore to pick through their Dover books, but after dealing with Alyssa at Michael’s (and Staples, because we went there, too) – I was exhausted.  So home we came.  No, we haven’t listened to the Reb Bradley CDs yet.  Must.  Listen.  To.  CDs.  SOON.

Have I ever shared my mountian lion fear?  I am terrified of mountain lions.  After all, we live in mountain lion country.  There are loads of deer that wander around our house, eating apples and oak leaves.  Have I ever seen a mountain lion?  No.  But I won’t go out at night unless the dog is with me (not sure how a 35 lb border collie is going to protect me, but for some reason, I think he will LOL).  I am always on Alyssa to not go outside at all unless he’s with her and to not go off our deck.  Well, the other night I came across a program on National Geographic Channel and couldn’t drag myself away.  Hunter and Hunted: Cougar Island.  It was fascinating to learn that 40% of mountain lion attacks in North America happen on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  That’s a LOT of attacks for a small area.  Apparently the food chain is such there that young lions cannot find small prey to hunt until they are experienced and large enough to take down deer.  So instead, they attack small humans (yes, 2/3 of attacks are on children.)  DH finally sees why I have Mountain Lion Fear.  But we also discussed how there are always so many deer around, along with turkeys, racoons, skunks, possums, rabbits – there is no shortage of small prey in our area.  Mature cats rarely attack humans because they know humans are not their prey – deer are.  The only attack we’ve heard of was that man who was attacked a couple of years ago and his wife beat the lion off with a log and stabbed it with a pen.  That was 3-4 hours to our north.  People see them locally.  There was an article in the paper a year or so ago about children waiting for the school bus about 5 miles from our house seeing a mountain lion in the area.  So they are around.  I think they just know that deer are more yummy than people.  However, you won’t see me going outside at night without my trusty border collie. 

Tomorrow – on to first grade!  And I ordered Home Economics for Home Schoolers by Pearables (Level 1). That should arrive by the weekend hopefully.  I believe we’ll do Home Ec on Tuesdays and Crafts on Thursdays.  I’m certainly stocked up on craft projects for the time being!

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am to be able to log into my blog?  It appears I’ve lost all of my readers, but YAY!  I can log in!







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