Praise the Lord!

I’m about to fall over!  I was actually able to login to HSB!  YAY!!!!  Let’s pray this sticks!

An update on our situation – we have not yet sold the property, but we do have a few prospects that seem to be seriously interested.  We’re praying that the Lord will bring together this sale so that we can spend Thanksgiving with family.  Our hearts are weary and we hope that the Lord will allow us to move on.

Alyssa attended 6 weeks of swimming lessons this summer, 5 days per week.  She is much more comfortable in the water now, but will be definitely having lessons again next year.

She also was able to attend one day of “Craft Camp” at Michael’s craft store this summer.

We put hummingbird feeders out last week and have been enjoying several different varieties of hummingbirds as they visit each day.

In July, we drove to Modesto to attend a Homeschool Convention.  We really enjoyed it!  It was great to see so many different companies and their products.  I attended a couple of workshops by Bev Bradley, and one by Ted Tripp.  I would have loved to attend more, but we had an issue with Alyssa and “children’s convention”.  Earl and I had to take turns watching her in the hotel room.  But it worked out fine.  We brought home LOTS of goodies and catalogs!  I was also able to meet several Hearthkeepers ladies that I have known online for a couple of years now.

We picked up Reb Bradley’s “Biblical Insight to Child Training” CD series and have GOT to make time to listen to it very soon!

We also started using the Accountable Kids program – which is basically a chore chart.  It seems to be helping quite a bit in getting Alyssa to do what she needs to each day.


We are beginning First Grade tomorrow.  I’m going to try to set up a schedule so that we do reading and math 5 days a week, health/safety/manners and bible 3 days a week, and then on the two off days, do crafts/art and maybe home ec.

What we’re using:


We have to finish up Modern Curriclum Press Math K and then will be moving onto MCP Math A.  However, I am also researching other math options – specifically ShillerMath.  Alyssa seems to do very well with hands on learning, so as math becomes more challenging, we may switch.


We’re finishing up the last primer book of Explode the Code and are moving into Book 1.  She has loved the primers, so I’m hoping she catches right onto the first program book.


We are using two curriculums this year – A Beka “Discovering God’s World” and CLP “My Father’s World”.  We are also using CLP Nature Readers.  A Beka is not meant to be used for the entire year and in just looking through My Father’s World, it appears to cover more.


A Beka has “Health, Safety & Manners”.  We’re using book 1.  I’m also ordering a program from the Dairy Counsel of California for health to supplement the A Beka reader.


We’re covering both of these in A Beka’s “My America, My World”.  We also have some of the A Beka readers to go along with this and will probably add in a unit study here and there.  Alyssa is anxious to start a scrapbook of lighthouses, so before we move, we will probably take her to the ones along the coast where we live.  We’re within a couple of hours of three or four different ones.


CLP “Studying God’s World”.  We have books A-C (didn’t go through book A during Kindergarten, so we’re starting late with it.)


We’re using a series by Train-Up-A-Child Publishing.  The books are: Choosing Kindness, Choosing HumilityChoosing Obedience, Choosing Responsibility, Choosing Self-Control, and Choosing Thankfulness

We’re beginning with “Choosing Obedience”.  These require adult assistance for K5 through 2nd Grade and then can be self-study for 3rd – 5th Grades.  And at only $7.99 each (with free shipping!), they’re very affordable.


We’re considering Pearable’s Home Economics for Home Schoolers.  Has anyone used it?  Have any opinions on it?  I like that it starts at age 6, but haven’t been able to really review it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to login again and keep up with my blog now!  YAY!




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