I ended up cancelling my surgery.  It was going to cost me $5,000 plus out of pocket (with insurance!)  YIKES!  Fortunately, it is not a really pressing thing and isn’t causing me pain or anything, so I can put it off for a while (and quite possibly, forever!)

Today is DH’s birthday.  I’m making him a peanutbutter cake and a special dinner of pork normandy.

Alyssa has a really bad cold – sneezing, runny nose and cough.  I hope she recovers quickly because she is supposed to start swimming lessons on the 18th.

If your family hasn’t yet seen “Facing the Giants” – RUN OUT AND GET IT!  What an excellent film!  Definitely one we will want to own.  At one point, a man tells the story of two farmers who were praying for rain.  One went out and plowed his fields so that when the rain came, it would be prepared.  The other did nothing but wait and pray.  Which one trusted God?  This rang true with me – and puts me back in the packing mood!

It looks like I am not going to be able to access my blog at all from my desktop, so I apologize that my updates are so few and far between, but I don’t use my DH’s laptop often at all.  I’m not sure what the problem is, as both computers are running the same operating system and using the same browser.

So!  If anyone out there still reads, you’ll hear from me, I just don’t know when…



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