School, Showings and Surgery

We’re having school fairly consistently these days (I am ATTEMPTING to get the family in a “routine”).  Alyssa just finished “Get Ready for the Code” (Explode the Code Primer workbook A) and has just moved into the next workbook.  She is enjoying it and I am relieved because attempts with Pathway Readers “Learning Through Sounds” and “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” failed.  I don’t know whether those materials just didn’t click with her or if she is just now really ready to learn phonics.  We’re about halfway through Modern Curriculum Press Math K and have supplemented that with a workbook from Wal-Mart (which actually says it is Pre-K but has the same material as Math K.)  Her handwriting and coordination are improving and she seems to be getting phonics now.  She has known the sounds of letters for a long time from Leap Pad Letter Factory.  But she has been unable to identify sounds in words.  If you said “box” to her, she couldn’t tell you what sound or letter it began with.  Since beginning Explode the Code, she is able to do that with no problem.  YAY!  We are shooting to move into mostly all Grade 1 materials by fall.  Planning to use:  Explode the Code, MCP Math A, Discovering God’s World (Abeka Science), My America, My World (Abeka History/Geography), Studying God’s Word (Christian Liberty Press) and I’m not sure what else yet.  Maybe copywork.

We had a showing last week that apparently went very well.  We are praying that we’ll receive a good offer very soon.  We have another person who may be coming through tomorrow, but they haven’t scheduled yet.

Meanwhile, I went in for my annual last week and there was suspicion that my fibroid had regrown and was quite large.  I went back to the GYN who did my surgery in 2005 and he agreed that it felt like there was quite an enlargement.  An ultrasound showed there WAS no fibroid or enlargement (PRAISE THE LORD!) but I do have a small cystic mass near my right ovary that he feels we need to remove.  I am scheduled for surgery on Wednesday and if all goes as planned, it should be an outpatient laproscopic procedure.

Please keep us in your prayers.



One thought on “School, Showings and Surgery

  1. That's funny that you went thru the same process I did with phonics except I tried Alpha Phonics and my son still doesn't want to use it. He loves the ETC and if that is what he likes I like it too. I pray for you contiued healing, be blessed.

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