I am still unable to login from my regular computer.

Our contract on the property fell through within about two weeks of our acceptance.  We have only had three showings since that time and the market seems to really be slowing.  It is very frustrating and discouraging to not have any action.  I know it only takes ONE, but it seems we’ve been waiting so long.

We again got to the end of our funds and received another loan to hold us over.  With each loan, our potential proceeds are cut into obviously.  But I am very thankful that I have family who is able and willing to help in this situation.  I just hope and pray we are able to repay them very soon.

We also received a 9 week rental recently, so that is helping and season for the B&B begins May 1 and things are beginning to pick up.

We’re having some painting done and are cleaning out the barn in an attempt to really  make the place SHINE.  Hopefully a little money out now will really help with the amounts of offers, etc.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers in regards to the sale and relocation.  I will try to give some more info later on what we are now considering as far as locales and business ideas (we have pretty much decided we need a break from innkeeping, at least for a couple of years.)

I have been trying to be consistent with school.  Alyssa doesn’t have to really begin until next year, but we’ve been winging through the Pre-K and K materials and I believe she’ll be ready to move into Grade 1 stuff by the end of the year.  She is enjoying it!


One thought on “Update

  1. Just noticed Laine's Letters on your side bar — thanks for that link. I used to get her letters regularly. Now I will again! Ü

    I'm so sorry your offer dropped through — I can't imagine being in your shoes… especially with the food issues of your guests… YIKES — you are so patient. I'm praying that you wil really shine forth as GOLD after this stage in your life! Can't wait to read about your next adventure.

    Keep encouraged!


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