Update on the sale

I am still unable to log in from my normal computer, so I apologize for the rare update!  I have to wrestle the laptop away from DH and since he recently spilled a Pepsi on the keyboard, it’s annoying to use!

A couple of weeks ago, we had all of our prospective buyers who were supposedly ready to submit offers – completely fall through.  UGH.  So we decided to go ahead and list with an area realtor.  We signed with him and he got our listing up on Monday.   He showed the property on Wednesday and we received an offer on Thursday.   We have submitted a counter-offer (as of 2/14).

My mom was here for a week and we did a LOT of cleaning and declutter, but I still have a lot to do.  I am trying to get rid of what I don’t need and I’d like to pack up what I’m not using.  I did pack up all of my scrapbooking stuff already and my craft area is MUCH improved over the chaos that reigned a few weeks ago.

What we are able to leave here with will determine whether we have to obtain a mortgage and go to work full time on the other end.  Our current plans are to buy a home with several acres in the NE Georgia mountains and build a five room inn.  We are trying to estimate our costs high – but I’m sure there are going to be many things that crop up that we have not even considered.  So this sale represents every penny that we have to put in to the next property and business.

That’s the news here for now!  I’ll update when I know anything else.





One thought on “Update on the sale

  1. … you had a blog.

    I subscribed. Now you HAVE to update more often. Ü

    I came over here from the link at the Bettendorf's blog. How cool of you to send a box. Neat idea! Looks like it was very helpful to Mommy Bettendorf! and loved by the kiddos. You're a sweet gal!

    Still praying for the Inn SELL!

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