Wanting to try Soap Making


I’ve wanted to attempt my hand at soap making for many years, but have never had the nerve to try.  I’m not talking about using a melt and pour base and just adding stuff and molding it.  I’m talking about cold process or hot process soap from scratch.  The thought has been very intimidating to me.


Honestly, I’ve never thought to try it here [in California].  There has been no reason to.  We have a local soap artisan who produces soap that we use here for guests.  We love it, the guests love it, and the price is right.


But I’ve been tempted to try it when we move.  I’m tempted to see if I like it and possibly see about producing it and selling it.  I think I would enjoy it because it is somewhat like cooking – you get to experiment with additives and ingredients, but have to follow a recipe for ratios.  I’ve considered attending a soap making workshop at some point.


Last night, I came across a Free Online Soap Making Class.  The recipe used only has four ingredients – water, lye, lard, and fragrance oil.  The woman who wrote the instructions is very clear on steps to take, more clear than any instructions I’ve read to date.  She may have taken enough of the fear out of it for me to give it a spin on my own.  I’ll let you know if I try it!!



One thought on “Wanting to try Soap Making

  1. I want to thank you for your comments about my soap making instructions. Your comments have been a real blessing to me and I wish you all the best in your soap making.

    Lisa Barger

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