10 Things…


10 Things You May Not Know About Me


1.  I grew up on a vineyard. (raisins, not wine)


2.  I graduated 3rd in my senior class of HS.


3.  I used to be very vain about my thick, naturally curly hair – and when I was 14, it began to thin.  Now it is VERY thin and is no longer curly.


4.  I will turn 30 this year.


5.  I can’t pick one hobby – I have to work on several simultaneously.


6.  I probably cannot spell “simultaneously”


7.  I am a voting member of the Oklahoma Choctaw Tribe.


8.  I can drive a stick shift – or a large moving truck, but I cannot parallel park.


9.  I have a thing for chickens and rabbits, but no longer have either.


10.  I’m a picky eater – I dislike onions, tomatoes, asparagus, most greens, goat cheese, lamb, seafood, shellfish, veal, and a host of other things.



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