Cleaning and Showings and Visitors, OH MY!


Busy busy around here.  We had a showing Wednesday that seemed to go very well.  We were to have one Thursday, but they had to reschedule.  We have another showing next week, another Sept. 6 and we’re getting ready to schedule another person for that same week.  Business in August has picked up and that is good, of course!  So I’ve been cleaning our house for showings and cottages for guests.  Grandma Jean and Papa Walt are here visiting (since Wednesday).  Last night we went to the Broiler Steakhouse in Redwood Valley and ate WAY too much (and didn’t save room for dessert!)  About two years ago, I made my grandma a beaded necklace and earrings for Christmas and she got the beading bug.  She is currently working on a bracelet for me that takes 1200 beads!  She’s showing me how to do it.  Takes MANY hours.  But the effect is beautiful.



I believe they are continuing on their road trip tomorrow (from Arizona to California, Oregon, Montana and then back.)


They bought Alyssa a Schwinn bicycle, which she loves, but has no idea how to pedal LOL  Pictures to follow…


Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  We are hopeful that one of these interested parties will buy.  We’re ready to put California behind us, Lord willing.


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