Planning for the future


It’s funny how what feels “comfortable” for each of us is so different.  Yesterday I spoke with the woman we sold The Village Inn to.  I was lamenting the lack of family and support network and she said she understood how we feel.  She is originally from Minnesota and all of her family is there apparently.  She said she dislikes Georgia due to the humidity, heat, and bugs.


I suppose I was never bothered by the heat and humidity due to growing up in the Central Valley of California, where summer temps can reach 115 degrees.  I always thought Atlanta at about 95 degrees felt comparable to 110 or so in Fresno.  And I actually loved the humidity – it reminded me of all of the summers I spent in Oklahoma as a child, visiting extended family.  Something about the atmosphere also prevented me from sunburning as severely as I do in California.  When we bought the home that Ashley (the owner) is now living in, it didn’t have air conditioning!  We had it installed 3 years later and felt like we were spoiled rotten.  At any rate, she is planning to retire in 2 years and sell the B&B.  I hope that the next owners love that property the way that we did.


The past couple of days, I have found myself once again, planning for our future.  I edited the home plan that we have been looking at for the B&B, made a list of features, and sent both along with a letter to two home builders in North Georgia.  One of the builders actually builds that home plan.  The other is able to build any plan you provide.  I am praying that they come in lower than I anticipate because since sending the requests for quotes, I have thought of two or three things additionally that I would like to do (expanding the dining room, adding a deck, wainscotting and chair rails, etc.)


I contacted the state to see what we need to do to keep our corporate name active.  I printed off all of the zoning requirements in that county, as well as the counties to the north and south.  I went through two gardening catalogs that came in the mail and clipped out many of the plants that we loved to grow in the South.  I went online and researched moving trucks.  My binder of information on the move is getting quite thick.


I also registered a domain name – because despite going over many ideas for possible inn names, we keep coming back to one.  I wanted to snap up the domain name while it is still available.  But I’ll keep that name to myself for now.


Please pray that the Lord’s Hand will be upon us, guiding and directing us each step of the way.  Pray that He will lead us to the perfect property – zoned appropriately, positioned perfectly in the county, with an ideal building site and a suitable home for us already in place.  And please pray that He will change our thinking and focus so that we see our guests as those in need of respite and our business as a ministry.



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