God is SOO Good!


He must shake His head at my lack of faith.


Once again, as we got right down to the wire and were going to be unable to pay our mortgage.  We began to panic and the doubts took over.  The words of those friends who had said “Maybe God wants to bring you to nothing to teach you something” came to mind and I plead with God to please hear and answer our prayers.


I called my grandpa, who had promised in February to help us through the end of the year if need be and he said he would send us a check, as long as we sent him a post-dated check in return, dated for Nov. 1.  I explained that we will only be able to pay him back when we sell.  He said that was fine.  DH was upset because the amount he sent was only about half of our mortgage and we had no money for our other monthly expenses, utilities, etc.  We continued to pray, as we still did not have enough funding to get through August.


In the midst of this, we received a couple of good sized reservation deposits.  I received an unexpected check for $100 for website work I had not charged for.  Bit by bit, it was adding up.


Yesterday, Earl spoke with his sister in Florida.  She sold her home about two weeks ago.  She offered to help us.  Substantially.  When DH told me, I couldn’t believe it.  She has no job yet, no idea of what her future holds.  I am so thankful that she wants to help us during this time.


We should now be able to get through August, September, October and possibly November.


Also, we have two prospective buyers interested and a realtor locally says she is working with someone who wants to have a showing when he gets back in town.


Please continue to pray for the sale of our home and business and for direction as we prepare for our move and new business.  And thank God so much for His provision thus far.



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