Feeling Down


Our most recent prospective buyer fell through.  They are not ready to make the leap yet and don’t want to spend this much and want something closer to their current residence.  They will not be able to find anything less expensive closer to their home.  They’re just not ready to take the risk yet.  A waste of our time – and their’s.


I am discouraged.  I’m trying to remind myself that if these folks fell through, it’s because God has something better around the corner, but it is difficult.


July has been horrible as far as business is concerned and despite having a good special available, we aren’t getting any takers.  I’m at a loss as to what to do.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Down

  1. Do you have it listed on the internet? I’m just curious how much something like that would go for. What about costs for staying the night? Do you have a seperate website for the inn?

  2. Doing some random blogs and yours came up this morning. We have our home on the market and the waiting game is terrible. WE have had some lookers, but not one offer. WE are so ready to go…but we must wait for God’s timing and God will send the right ones. But it is sooo hard to wait when you are sooo ready to pick up and go! Have a great day!

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