Considering Curriculum


It is that time again – almost school time.  Two years ago or so, I purchased a pre-K curriculum that I ended up not liking, so I did not use it.  Last fall, I purchased Pathway Readers and workbooks for Grade 1.  I did some work with Alyssa on sight reading and then ended up having my surgery, so I dropped it.  Alyssa will be five in November.  We have the option of beginning school this year or next year.  I really LIKE the Pathway stuff, so I am keeping it and I think we will use it more than likely.


That brings me to our current curriculum considerations.

First off, I ordered a Curriculum Fair-In-a-Box.  I’ve never had the priviledge of attending a curriculum fair to see materials in person, so this will be helpful now and in years to come.  (Hopefully in years to come, I’ll be near Atlanta and curriculum fairs!)

After having numerous IM discussions with Chautona, I decided to give Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons a try.  She also recommends Modern Curriculum Press for math, so we may give that a shot, too.  It has gotten very good reviews online.


So that is reading and ‘rithmatic.  We must not forget Writing!  We will be trying Handwriting Without Tears for that.  I’m not going to worry about all of the different pieces, just the workbook, slate, and I’m going to laminated cardstock pieces instead of spending a fortune on the wood pieces for capital letter shapes.  I do have the first book of The Italic Handwriting Series, which we may move into once she gets the basics down.  We’ll just have to see.


Earl has some concern about Alyssa being “behind”.  I found a check-list online of skills that children should have before starting kindergarten.  She can do everything on it except tie her shoe or neatly cut with scissors – but we haven’t exactly let her use scissors much!  So in order to reassure him, we will be referring to What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know (books available for K – 6th grade.)


I’ve also downloaded StartWrite to create worksheets with and Homeschool Tracker to track attendance, assignments, etc.  (Georgia requires attendance records be kept.)


Now the big decision is whether to jump in with both feet this year or wait until next year.  A lot of it will depend upon our situation here and how ready Alyssa is.  The next question is what we’ll use for science and history and bible and other subjects – but I have a lot of research to do before deciding on those, and I’d like to get the Curriculum Fair-In-A-Box in my hot little hands first!



2 thoughts on “Considering Curriculum

  1. We really liked the 100 ez lessons, and handwriting without tears. I found that the most helpful thing was going to the homeschool conventions where you can actually look through the curriculum. Modesto has a great convention coming up (I believe Chautona is going), and they have TONS of vendors! I hope we see you there!

  2. Chautona just mentioned the fair in Modesto to me today. It’s 5-6 hours away I think. I’ll have to see what I can find out about it and see if there is ANY chance that I would be able to go. (Hard to do with the business, etc.)

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