Busy, busy, busy.


It has been a busy couple of weeks.  We have had guests pretty much non-stop.  We had two cottages for just one night stays on Thursday, with all new guests checking into all three cottages yesterday, so we had to really work hard to get them finished by check-in time.  My house continues to get worse and worse.  I am not very good at time management, it seems.  When I’m not cleaning cottages, I want to REST.  And so my house remains dirty.  Today, all guests are staying over, so I may try to tackle the linens that came out yesterday and get them all put away – which will allow me to do our own laundry.  Earl told me last night that he only has two pairs of clean underwear.  oops


This week, we had some wonderful guests.  Two couples that are believers and very much on the same page as we are.  One of them goes to church with Thomas Kinkade (we named our business and the cottages after his paintings).  The other goes to a Calvary Chapel a ways to our south, from which we have had several couples, including the pastor, stay.  After those folks checked out, we ended up with a couple that was condescending and rude and honestly, those kinds of people make us want to quit!  The people here this weekend seem to be okay, except I had issues with the guesthouse ones arriving at 2pm when we told them in advance that it was impossible for them to check in early due to the amount of cleaning we had to do.  They came early anyway and had to sit and wait – which I hate.


We are running on the very edge of burnout.  I didn’t think I was going to make it through yesterday.  There is really not anything happening with the sale.  We have zero prospects right now and that is discouraging.  We did, however, just get listed on realtor.com and will be listing on a couple of other websites today.  Honestly, our house is in no condition to show this second anyway.  We did have a call from a local realtor who was through a couple of weeks back and she was talking with an interested party who wanted details on our water supply.  So maybe something will come from that.


We purchased a high wheel trimmer because we have so many areas of high grass currently.  The fire department inspected us a couple of weeks ago and said this grass has to be trimmed up to 100 feet from all structures or to the property lines.  This is a TON of work.  Earl was able to get an area in front of our house trimmed, but it is now VERY HOT and we’ve been swamped with cleaning.  I guess we’ll continue on that next week, and hopefully the temps will drop.


We’re feeling very overwhelmed right now and are uncertain of what our future holds, but we’re trying to trust God that He does in fact have a plan.  I so wish that we had friends or family nearby so that we could have some help though.


Alyssa’s toe appears to be healed, although she wants us to continue to keep it taped.  Judging by the way she jumps around on it, it’s fine.  I gave her a haircut a couple of weeks ago, too.  It is much easier to manage when it’s not so long.




That’s all for now.  I’m going to go tackle that laundry.











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